Paper Portal
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Paper Portal

Board Game

2019.10 - 2019.12

Team Size: 4

Role: Designer, Artist

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About this Project

Paper Portal is a cooperative, puzzle-based board game. Two players must place pieces to navigate towards the end of predetermined maps, only winning when both players have reached the end. Players must work in conjunction to platform around the map, using portals to solve progressively harder puzzles. The product is flat packable and can be produced with the digital template, a printer and a laser cutter.

As the designer I led the team through the entire design process: Brainstorming, Ideation, Prototyping and several Iterations. Two rounds of playtesting was performed before each iteration.

As the artist I created all the digital templates of the final version.

A complete design document is available including rules, design process and playtesting documentation.

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