Retail Rally
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Retail Rally

A Split-screen Party Game

2020.1 - 2020.5

Team Size: 8 (Team of 3 Programmers, 2 Artists, 1 Manager, 1 Writer and 1 Musician)

Role: Programmer / Designer

Tool: Unity

Awards: Finalist of Technical Innovation Award at Game Fest 2020!

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About this Project

Retail Rally is a four-player couch competitive shopping game. Players race to complete their shopping list while simultaneously dealing with obstacles imposed by other players in a non-linear sandbox supermarket. Players additionally can download the corresponding Retail Rally App, and connect their personal devices to the game session in order to gain access to features such as private shopping lists and a GPS store navigator.

I was the designer and developer of the Retail Rally App. The App was initially designed as a solution to the dilemma caused by 4 competitors sharing their secret goals on the same user interface. With the App players can now connect their cellphone to the PC main game and get access to their private information and come up with their unique strategies to compete.

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In addition to building the LAN server in the PC game client and the stable connection between mobile App and PC game. I designed the User Interface to simulate the User Experience of a Real-life App while cooperating with the artist team to keep the aesthetic consistency between our PC and Mobile client.

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I also designed and implemented Mobile associated gameplay features such as a “virtual call” item they can find in the main game and to disable opponents’ apps and halt their progresses