The Game is Broken
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The Game is Broken

A Puzzle Game


Personal project

Tools: Unity Webgl, Adobe Photoshop

Playable in Browser

About this Project

This is the game I made during Global Game Jam 2020 under 48 hours. The theme was “Repair”. During my brain storming process I decided to make the “game” itself being the object of repair (This was kinda inspired by “Baba is You” which is one of my favorite indie games of 2019). I constructed an impossible level for each puzzle, players need to modify the level layout in order to pass.

I finally managed to complete 4 levels using 48 hours. The game received a lot of possitive feedbacks as some play testers saying it was “unique and elegant”. But there are definitely a lot to improve. Hopefully I will have time to further polish it in the future.

Sample Pictures

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