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Multiplayer Open-world Sandbox Game

Project Overview

Developer Founding Date Website Press / Business Contact Download Link
Jingyu Zhuang September 14, 2020 Voyage Official Page

With Google Map data, turning the entire Earth into an open world with seamless dynamic rendering


Real-time multiplayer, meet other travelers and share your journey


Make creations and everyone else will see it


Eventually light up the grey-scaled world with creations

What is Voyage?

Voyage is a virtual travel experience. It simulates the entire Earth with Google Map geo-data and presents it to players as a huge Multiplayer Sandbox Open World.

It is also a shared environment. Players get to meet each other in this game, share their journey and make their own marks in the world. Their creations will be in this world forever, not only seen by all the other players traveling to the place, but also lighting up the region.

The project is founded on September 2020 during the global pandemic and the goal is to give players positive energy and a sense of hope.

Official Trailer 2020.11.18

Sample Pictures

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Unofficial Gameplay Video

Official Devlogs

Devlog 1 - 新手上路请多指教

Devlog 2 - MMO初尝试